The V-Album Creator is a simple, easy-to-use FREE authoring tool that allows you to create your own custom V-Albums. We provide the software and you provide all of the assets to make your V-Album anything you want it to be. You can add:

   High-Quality MP3s (compatible with all MP3 applications and devices)
   Song Lyrics (including high-quality hand-written lyrics)
   High-Quality Videos
   High-Resolution Photographs
   Digital Booklets
   History of Your Albums (with the ability to sell previous albums)
   Links to Your Own Merchandise
   LIVE Twitter Feed
   Links to Your Website, Facebook Page and Other Relevant Sites

Perhaps the most powerful feature in the V-Album Creator is the Preview Mode. You can preview how your new V-Album is going to look and function at every step of the way. If you don’t like something you’ve done, just edit your V-Album and preview it again to make sure it’s just right.

When you’re ready to sell your V-Album, click the Publish button on the Home screen, complete the Publishing screens and upload your V-Album to the servers. Within 12 hours, you’ll receive a custom URL that will link to a dynamically generated web page containing specific information about your V-Album, along with a purchase button via PayPal.

It‘s just that simple to create your own V-Album, so click below to download the
V-Album Creator (Beta Release) and experiment with it to see what amazing V-Albums you can create for your fans, so you can connect to your fans like never before.

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