The V-Album Creator allows you to create your own personalized V-Albums on your own, but if you need some help, we do offer the following creative services.

Our ”Getting Started” Package provides you with two 30-minute GoToMeeting web conferences that allow our V-Album Specialists to work with you one-on-one.  The first 30-minute session allows us to walk you through the V-Album Creator tool and introduce you to all of its features and functions, as well as answer any questions.  The second 30-minute session is conducted after you have completed the first iteration of your V-Album.  During this session, our V-Album Specialists will review your V-Album creation and provide you with helpful hints, suggestions and instructions on how to improve your final product.

Have all of the assets for your V-Album creation, but would rather have a professional staff create it for you? Then, the “Build It For Me” Package is for you.  We will tweak, re-size and convert all of your assets to produce a powerful, professional V-Album product for you.  Once we create your V-Album project for you, we will load it into your V-Album Creator tool, and you can make whatever changes you want, or simply publish it “as is” for public sale. The V-Album Creation Package includes:

   Up to 12 Song Tracks & Lyrics
   Up to 16 Photos
   Up to 2 Videos, totaling not more than
      30 minutes
   A Digital Booklet with up to 12 pages
   Up to 16 Merchandise products
   Up to 10 Artist Links

Don’t have all the creative content you would like to have for your V-Album? We have full creative services available for anything that you need.  Just tell us what you want and we’ll price it out for you.  Our Custom Creative Services include:

   Custom Graphics Design by Our Art
   Music Editing and Conversion
   Video Editing and Conversion
   Full Video Production/Post-Production by
      our Video Production Department
      (available at any location)

Contact our Creative Services Team about your own V-Album needs at

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