The V-Album Creator authoring tool is FREE for use. You don’t pay for anything, until you are ready to make your V-Album available for sale to the public.

When you are ready to sell your V-Album, you will start the V-Album Publishing Process.  The cost to publish a V-Album is $20.00, which allows you to publish the same V-Album up to three times without additional publishing costs. The only other costs related to the V-Album Creator will result from each sale of your V-Album.

To help determine the retail price for your V-Album and the amount of your profit from each sale, you can utilize the V-Album Calculator on this page. Just enter a Retail Price and an estimated file size for your completed V-Album (V-Albums average 250 MB file size), and the calculator will determine your V-Album Fees. To determine your net profit, make sure to include any other direct fees that might be associated with your V-Album, such as song clearance mechanicals, lyrics publishing rights, etc.

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