Help your fans get better connected to you and your music by creating your own V-Album. The V-Album is an immersive music experience that combines all of the digital music tracks from your album with lyrics, photos, videos, merchandise links, links to your website and social media sites, a LIVE Twitter feed and much more. And, to make your life a bit easier, all of the songs included in your V-Album can be automatically imported to your iTunes® library upon purchase. The V-Album product can include:

   High-Quality MP3s (compatible with all MP3 applications and devices)
   Song Lyrics (including high-quality hand-written lyrics)
   High-Quality Videos
   High-Resolution Photographs
   Digital Booklets
   History of Your Albums (with the ability to sell previous albums)
   Links to Your Own Merchandise
   LIVE Twitter Feed
   Links to Your Website, Facebook Page and Other Relevant Sites

To get a feel for what your V-Album can deliver to your fans, click to download the FREE V-Album Preview below. 

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